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With more than 35 years experience in the monitoring and mapping industry

Laboratory Equipment

Free Mapping with all new fridges


Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Mapping services - 80% savings compared to alternatives.

Atlas Technology is a global provider of monitoring and mapping products and services that can help our customers achieve good Distribution and Storage practices in both regulated and unregulated environments.
We specialize in directive driven requirements and can help to significantly reduce the time and effort required to acheive conformance.
Our wireless data systems provide proven and robust operation in all environments from cold storage to industrial manufacturing processes.
Our state of the art cold storage solutions can reduce costs by over 50%
We can supply a wide range of cold storage equipment from Pharmaceutical fridges and freezers to Ultra Low Temperature Freezers including Benchtop ultra low freezers.
Utilising the very latest single compressor systems and state of the art refrigeration gases our cabinets provide the very highest possible performance with the lowests power consumption and noise levels.


Global Industries


Innovative  Wireless Technology

Temperature Mapping Services

While principally engaged in supplying customers in the Life Sciences sector, Atlas Technology can also provide monitoring solutions to customers in almost any type of industry.


Atlas Design

Our Wireless system has been designed to provide the highest level of performance available.
It features industry leading range and reliability along with all the features required to meet the latest standards and directives.

The system has a wide variety of options from low cost sensors to multi-probe units allowing very cost effective systems to be implemented.
If you need a fully validated system or just a wireless monitor we can supply what you are looking for.

21 CFR Part 11 All our systems and software are  fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to allow for the implementation of total GMP and GLP solutions.

Temperature Mapping

We can provide temperature mapping services to suit you particular needs. With many years experience in providing these services to regulated industries we can give you the peace of mind that your facility meets all the required standards.

Validated Systems
, Atlas offers the highest standards in compliance and validation for our data capture systems.

Targeted Products The Atlas range of products has   been specifically designed to provide the best solutions for their targeted industries and customers.


 We also offer full service support for our legacy systems such as the RDS1 and RDS2 wireless systems
Please see the RDS Support section for more information

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